RP doo is a family owned company that has been operating for over 30 years.

We work because we have to, and they say that the best companies that work because they have to. Also, We know that the key word in the family business is not a "family", but that word is "business".

Our stickers are flexible, encourage creativity: enable our customers always current message, which is very important in a world where non-stop changes occur. We particularly insist that our labels can correspond by customers.

We produce labels (adhesive labels), from roll to roll, printed in high technology (flexo) printing up to 8 colors, and for our customers, we offer the ability to market their product, isolate it, and sent a message to deceive. In short, we offer solutions for the specific needs of our customers. In fact, We do not have permanent products, we already have solutions for all the specific needs of our customers. Because, when it comes to labels, we have extensive experience and knowledge of the production and use of most of self-adhesive materials which appear today in the world market.

Our customers are organizations (confectionary industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry), large retail chains and stores. So, we operate in the field of marketing among organizations. We are proud of our customers and always celebrate each repeat order, because then we know that we have fulfilled the expectations of the customer. We do not have an answering machine. On our phones will still occur live voice after one ring phone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pitter Druker once said - wherever you see the growing business, better know that someone have made a courageous decision. 

For us, that decision was made by Zvonko Petrovic and Milomir Rakic who were our entrepreneurs back in 1989. Jose Saramago said, only thoughts have eagle's eyes, so these two will always be clearly remembered and mention worth.

We're still holding on to their advices:

1. Success is made on avoiding failures. 

2. Success comes from the inside. Companies in which trust and respect are ruling among employees have less chances for failure. 

3. Always cultivate your relationships, both with buyers and suppliers. 

4. Do not ever play with partners a zero-sum game. We don't want someone's leftovers as our earnings (winnings).

5. We should study from nature, that old thing with memory that's infinite. Nature can't get Alzheimer's. Nature loves redundancy and to always have a backup plan and equipment. We're learning from nature so we will always going to be credible and available to answer on all buyer's requests.


Being the best in the group of manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and flexo press in Serbia.

Provide and maintain the list of customers, renowned economic organizations .

Being a company whose values ​​reflect the dignity and integrity of the owners , employees, suppliers of materials and finished products and customer services.

Its total business, provide a good image and reputation in the region, and give a true contribution to sustainable development both companies , as well as the environment .


To ensure stable and safe operations of the company in the production of self-adhesive labels and thus :

Safe existence and a good standard of owners and all employees ;

Regular payment of liabilities towards the environment and society, in the form of taxes and fees;

Regular payment of financial obligations to suppliers of materials and subcontractors .

Keep such a business policy of the company , which allows workers safe work without the threat of layoffs, risk and threat of injury, is our imperative

Permanent care about the environment and contribute to a healthy environment and a healthy life such as work in the environment.


These "gentleman's" days of this year, in 2019, make us remember our beginnings. In 1989, when we started with "equipment" that could fit on one work bench.

The future? No one has a founder of destiny.

We are currently obsessed with thinking about technologies that will be discovered in the future. When to be ready and have solutions waiting for problems?! Be prepared for the challenges of the future, for as Pasteur said:

“"Happiness is ready to go."


In honor of our founders, Zvonko i Milomir.

Usually "disappointment and pain lead our thought into the past" but we are remembering the past with a pretty occasion and that was that we finally found our spot after all migrations.We finally put our equipment on adequate place that are we owning today. 

There's for the pretty beginnings.

Strategic goals

Ensure active cooperation with large and reputable customers, as well as customers with special requirements for quality,

By 2019, increase the volume of production and sales by 20% compared to current production,

To ensure customer satisfaction, product quality, through the pursuit and application of modern achievements in the development of production equipment, as well as continuous training and promotion, knowledge workers,

Constantly improve and enhance, the Quality Management System.

Core values

Respect for customers

Respect for the enviroment

Respect and safety of employees,

Respect for the owner!




: Ibarski put 31, Nevade, 32300 G.Milanovac, Srbija

: +381 32 720 120

: +381 32 720 122

: info@rp.rs

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