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In our company, we have print designers whose primary tasks are to coordinate and visualize the messages that we want to present to the public audience, meaning that we have designers that fulfill our own needs. We don’t offer this type of favor to our customers because we believe that they are already market oriented so that they know their customers and consumers and how they want their style (design) to be.  

Our customers know their consumers so well and because of knowing the business and marketing strategies their consumers like, they’re using the most improved and up to date techniques like: positioning, diversification, differentiation and segmentation. We’re just striving to provide the adequate advices to our customers on the capabilities and specific futures of our press.


Unique software solution designed to enable the easiest and fastest exchange of business information.

RP doo use a unique software solution designed to enable the easiest and fastest exchange of business information. The software is compatible with most ERP systems.

Our business model using ERP software package providing us full control over all business processes in the company. There are important benefits: Earlier order confirmation, Simpler record keeping, Advance shipping notification, Invoice information, Product information

We are investing in new software technologies and new workplace and creating the future today, becouse, we know that the customer is the center of our universe. 

Star Proof is an innovative proofing solution to produce high quality screened contract proofs on inkjet printers - quickly and economically. With its Actual Dot system to replicate original screening and dot patterns at proofing resolutions, Star Proof delivers top quality proofs with a hard dot, sharp images, accurate color and fine detail - just as they will appear on the press. And with ROOM proofing architecture to resample the same set of high resolution separations that are sent to the platesetter/imagesetter, Star Proof ensures data integrity between proof and print.

NiceLabel Designer Pro is The professional way to create error-free, compliant labels. NiceLabel Designer Pro offers all the layout and data features you need for high quality label design and error-free EasyForms printing.




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