Production and flexo technology

Flexo printing falls into the category of high press, and has become an indispensable technique in press containers and packaging labels.

Main benefits of the flexographic printing:

It is suitable for printing on non-absorbent substrates (synthetic or metallic materials).

Packaging with a label of the same material goes directly to recycling without removing labels from the packaging, for example PET packaging and labels on the PET foil.

Printing from roll to roll. This is important because of possible subsequent laminating (lamination) in duplex, triplex and so on.

Multilayer materials, as well as considerably faster assembly, packaging or applying labels on semi-automatic or automatic applicators.

It is suitable and economical for print runs. Usually printed labels and packaging for products of which are in public use (sachets and labels for food products; labels in the chemical industry, labels and declarations in the pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

In the modern flexo and letterpress machines with the use of a number of technological innovations relating to types of materials and ways of making a printing form, the quality of flexo printing quality is very close flat offset printing. High quality label is the most important component that shows the quality of the product. Products with high-quality sticker will attract a buyer among similar products and this product will be sold in large numbers. So, quality labels play an important role in the "life" of the product and the company. 

RP is accepted that customer satisfaction is the basic principle, introducing the latest achievements in technology development labels in their production, and as a result we have a high quality, high capacity and short delivery times of our products.

Our main advantages are:

Quality above all.


Delivery dates (determined by them, always, our customers).

Price competitiveness.

Our knowledge about stickers, we selflessly wasting; everything else we save.

The total processing capacity of self adhesive materials, on an annual basis is approximately 5.500.000m2. To be able to do this, in our company, we have six printing machines (Gallus two machines, one Edale  and 3 MPS machines) and a 3 machine for ready-made automatic coiler (Rotoflex).         

We can print up to 9 colors or 8 colors and UV protective varnish.              .                                        

The maximum width of printing labels is 430 mm and the maximum length of the label is 609 mm.                                       


Quality labels play an important role in the "life" of the product and the company.    



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