Fabric or Textil ribbons / Care labels

Textile ribbons are used in textile industry to identify product with textile label. Unwoven /woven fabric material is suitable for printing on thermal transfer technology.

Main advantage of printing in thermal transfer printers is big variability of printed texts, bar codes, images, care symbols and information about producer. Textile ribbons could be printed also by other types of technologies like hot stamping, screen printing, sublimation printing etc.

We offer textile ribbons in the following qualities:

▶ NTT23 white nylon (polyamide) fabric ribbon. lowest price
▶ NTT27 white nylon (polyamide) fabric ribbon. High quality and versatility
▶ PTT25N polyester fabric ribbon, high quality and versatility, excellent material properties for printng and washing
▶ NTT28F high quality nylon polyamide textile ribbon, universal use, flame retardant
▶ NTT30 white  Najlon (polyamide) fabric ribbon. High quality and versatility
▶ PTT26 premium polyester textile ribbon. Very high quality and universal use.
▶ NCP001 white  Najlon (polyamide) fabric ribbon. High quality and versatility 
▶ PHS21 white polyester fabric ribbon designed for hot stamp printing
▶ PHS23 black polyester fabric ribbon designed for hot stamp printing
▶ STT23 white satin fabric ribbon. Very good value for money versus quality
▶ STT24 black versatile satin fabric good quality ribbon. Very good quality.Both site printing
▶ STT26 white satin fabric ribbon - the universal application, both sides printable
▶ STT27 white satin ribbon designed for textile printing hot stamp
▶ STT29 white non-frame satin



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