Rewinder AG Jumbo

AG Jumbo rewinder could be on the right or on the left oriented and used with any type of printer. An external power supply from 220 / 18 Vac with electronic control and possibility to adjust an fluennt motor rotation and rewinding regulation.


- A tension arm leads and controles the rewinding speed and also stops rewinding, when the printer stopped the printing.
- When the label roll into the printer is finished, the device will be stopped and the beep sound advice finish.
- The ability to control the rotation direction provides the option to have cores with labes on the inside or the outside.
- For large and heavy labels on cores it is necessary to add second additional support leg to stick the winder shift.


- max.diameter of rewinded roll 300 mm
- regulated motor speed 120 evolves per minute
- max. width of rewinded label 160 mm
- variable unwinding shaft 42 – 118 mm
- in case of big roll is weighty, there is possible to order an additional support leg to stick the rewinder shift



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